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The Retainers THE RETAINERS are nylon with Graphite and are virtually frictionless. We are bearings dealer, supplier, exporter and service provider with assured efficiency, quality and safety. We have been operating as bearing dealer since 1992 from Mumbai, India to entire world including america, africa, asia and europe.
The Seals THE SEALS are "LLB" low contact labyrinth type, with 2 sealing lips which fit into a matching groove on the inner race. The outer sealing lip repels dirt and water while the inner sealing lip retains the grease. When the bearing is first turned, you will notice some grease will come out of the seals. This fills the chamber between these 2 sealing lips, forming a "hydromatic seal." Seal material is NBR rubber.
Slewing bearing
Slewing Bearing Design of the support structure the slewing ring has a limited axial stiffness: the diameter is large compared to the cross section. It must be mounted on a machined supporting base, ensuring sufficient stiffness with regard to the loads to be transferred. This makes it possible to ensure an even distribution of stresses and to avoid any deformation during operation, which would be harmful to the good working of the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to use supporting bases with a minimum thickness not less than the values indicated in the table above. The width of the supporting surfaces is to be at the least equal to that of the ring.
Liner Motion Bearing A linear-motion bearing or linear slide is a bearing designed to provide free motion in one dimension. There are many different types of linear motion bearings.

Motorized linear slides such as machine slides, XY tables, roller tables and some dovetail slides are bearings moved by drive mechanisms. Not all linear slides are motorized and non-motorized dovetail slides, ball bearing slides and roller slides provide low-friction linear movement for equipment powered by inertia or by hand. All linear slides provide linear motion based on bearings, whether they are ball bearings, dovetail bearings, linear roller bearings, magnetic or fluid bearings. XY Tables, linear stages, machine slides and other advanced slides use linear motion bearings to provide movement along both X and Y multiple axis.
Deep Groove Bearing Deep groove ball bearings mainly take radial load as well take moderate axial load. with less co-efficient of friction, high limiting speed, large size range and variations or structured, they are suitable for precision instruments, low noise motors, automobiles, motorcycles and other common machinery as a widely used type of bearing in machinery. We are bearing dealer, supplier, exporter and all solutions with assured efficiency and quality. We have been operating as bearings dealer since 1992 from Mumbai, India to national and international markets including asia, america, africa and europe.
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